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Best paper award: hand made silver plack offered by goldsmith Rosmundo Giarletta

ARTSENS® Pen: A portable, image-free device for automated evaluation of vascular stiffness
by:  Jayaraj Joseph, Malay Ilesh Shah, Mohanasankar Sivaprakasam

Best Woman in Engineering paper: parchment

A Wearable Setup for Auditory Cued Gait Analysis in Patients with Parkinson's Disease
by:  Alessandra Pacilli, Ilaria Mileti, Marco Germanotta, Enrica Di Sipio, Isabella Imbimbo, Irene Aprile, Luca Padua, Stefano Rossi, Eduardo Palermo, Paolo Cappa

Best student paper: parchment

Adaptive Eulerian Video Magnification Methods to Extract Heart Rate From Thermal Video
by: Stephanie Bennett, Rafik Goubran, Frank Knoefel

Best Poster: parchment
Image Quality Evaluation of Breast Tomosynthesis by: Gregorio Andria; Filippo Attivissimo; Attilio Di Nisio; Anna Maria Lucia Lanzolla; Maurizio Spadavecchia 

Student travel awards: parchment and grant

Jonathan Bouchard for the paper: Preliminary Results of a Low-Cost 4-Channel Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting System for Time-Domain Diffuse Optical Tomography

Udaya Wijenayake for the paper: PCA Based Analysis of External Respiratory Motion Using an RGB-D Camera

XingChen Wang for the paper: Monitoring of Gait Performance Using Dynamic Time Warping on IMU-Sensor Data

Chiara Losquadro for the paper: Performances of heated wire humidifiers during adult mechanical ventilation: estimation of the amount of condensation

Best Paper Award: hand made silver plaque by goldsmith Rosmundo Giarletta.