Information on Visas Supporting Documents

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We invite all attendees to review their visa status now to determine if a visa or visa renewal is needed and to find out, in case they do, how to schedule an interview appointment, pay fees, and other vital instructions. An overview of the current regulations on the matter is available at:

The processing times for visa applications vary depending on the visa office. Delegates should apply for their visa as soon as their participation in the meeting is confirmed. For details that apply specifically to your country please contact immediately your nearest Consulate or Embassy. Correct timely information can be obtained at:

This information includes:

  • Who needs a visa
  • How and where to get a visa
  • News about special regional situations that may effect your visa application.

If you need a personal letter of invitation to enclose with your application, please contact Casey Henshaw.

The Conference cannot contact or intervene with any Embassy or Consulate office abroad on your behalf so please begin your visa application process as soon as you determine that you want to attend the conference.

We would like to inform all attendees that in isolated instances travelers with valid visas were denied boarding an airplane to by the airline:

  • Because their passport was damaged
  • Because their passport would soon expire.

Standards may vary by country and airline. We recommend all travelers examine their passports to determine if they are undamaged and that the expiration date is safely beyond the planned travel dates.