"Simposio" Masterpiece

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The artwork shown is entitled “Simposio”, a word meanings a convivial meeting for drinking, music, and intellectual discussion among the ancient Greeks. 

The jewel is inspired to the ancient city of Volcei, now Buccino (SA), whose archaeological site still contains a mosaic floor dating from the 4th century B.C. , which is represented in the upper part.

The relationship between Dionysus and wine is the fulcrum of the work's symbolism. Inflamed by the wine of the Dionysian banquet, the Grecian man expresses his sentiments, his instincts and his passions are awakened.

During the Welcome Party students of the University Theater Center (CUT) will introduce the ideas inspiring the masterpiece “Symposio”

The artwork Simposio is made by the master goldsmith Rosmundo Giarletta. Rosmundo is intimately involved in the production of each piece of jewellery, creating jewels imbued with a rich and royal heritage. Rosmundo is internationally renowned, especially among the European royalty, for handcrafted jewels destined to be cherished throughout generations. Rosmundo, indeed, is able to create exclusive master pieces capturing the dreams and feelings of the customers.

Each masterpiece of Rosmundo reflects not only the light around it, but the passion, skill and artistry that is the hallmark of the finest Italian craftsmanship. The honeycomb technique, developed by master goldsmith Rosmundo Giarletta, gives to the gold an incredible shine, like the sun that lavishes its light on the Southern Italy.