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By Airplane:

Airport of Naples (Capodichino) - 80 km from Benevento - website:
Airport of Bari - 230 km from Benevento - website:
Airport of Rome (Fiumicino) - 275 km from Benevento - website:

By Train:

Railway links to Avellino, Campobasso, Foggia - Bari, Caserta, Naples, Rome

For information:

By Bus:

Links Benevento - Naples and back:

Links Benevento - Rome and back:

Tips & Tricks:

The nearest airport is Naples International Airport (International code: NAP). The airport is connected with the most European cities. Almost all airline lands in Naples and connect their flight with overseas ones. The airport is 80 km from Benevento.
A shuttle waiting for you at the airport of Naples ready to take you to your hotel/conference center; the bus stop is at the airport exit.
Also trains from Naples central station allow the connection with Benevento railway station. To reach Naples central station from the airport, a city bus is needed. This bus stop is about 50 meters far from the airport exit.

How Far is Benevento From?

  •   Naples: 70 km
  •   Rome: 220 km
  •   Florence: 450 km
  •   Milan: 760 km
  •   Venice: 630 km
  •   Turin: 840 km